Double Yolked Egg Superstitions

Double Yolked Egg Superstitions – Is it Good Luck? Learn More


Double yolk eggs, like other foods, are used as superstitions in many cultures to predict the future. Double yolk eggs are rare super-omens that carry special meaning or grant special powers depending on what culture uses them for. Here, we unravel Double Yolked egg superstitions;

How are double egg yolks formed?

Double yolked eggs are created when two layers of egg white are released into the oviduct at the same time – usually because one of your ovaries has released two yolks instead of one.

Other animals, like chickens and turkeys, often lay double-yolk eggs if they’ve recently mated – which means their ovaries release more than one egg’s worth of yolk at a time.

Why Do Chickens Lay Double Yolks?

A question that has plagued us for years! Truth be told, the answer is little known although double-yolked eggs occur several times more often in certain breeds of chickens. One theory suggests that it’s because two ova were released during menstruation and got fertilized by two separate sperm cells before being encased in the shell.

Double Yolked Egg Superstitions

Spiritual Meaning of a Double Yolk Egg

In Chinese culture, the egg is symbolic of new beginnings. The double-yolk egg depicts two new beginnings and can mean that something will happen twice for you in one way or another.

Rare double yolked egg superstitions

1) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition if you receive a double egg yolk it is said that good luck will come your way.

2) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition if you open a double egg yolk and separate the two halves that an event will happen twofold for someone you love.

3) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition to have a baby born from a set of twins then crack open a double egg into a bowl and drink it. 

4) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition if you drop a double yolk egg then the “spirits” will be with you.

5) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition that you can also crack a double egg over your shoulder for good luck.

6) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition if you want to have a new beginning in life if you receive a double egg yolk that you should run around in circles and then go outside and bury it where no one can find it.

Double Yolked Egg Superstitions

7) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition that if someone tells you they saw a double yolk egg in their dream then this means that something good will happen very soon.

8) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition that some people say that when a pregnant woman sees a double-yolked egg she will give birth to twins, but this myth varies between cultures.

9) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition that cracking open two yolks at once on somebody’s head means you will make them pretty mad.

10) It is believed to be a double yolked eggsuperstition if a double egg yolk is found in a pan while cooking then this means someone close to you will have good luck soon.

11) Another myth about double egg yolks says that if you eat two yolks at once then you can see the future, but be warned, it might not be what you want to see! 

12) Finally, some cultures believe that one must not touch a double egg or they will get sick. 

How Rare Is a Double Yolk Egg?

Double yolks are quite common. About one in every thousand will be double-yolked, and about 10% of all eggs laid by a hen will be double-yolked (but only 1 out of every 100 that is laid by a hen will be what is called “hackle,” or two yolks inside one shell). 

However, if you want to test the chances of getting a double egg yolk you can always try this: Separate your eggs and put them back in the fridge once they’ve been washed (washed and dried shells with the whites in an airtight container like Tupperware make them last longer). 

Then when you’re ready to use them, wet your hand (to prevent the egg from slipping) and start with the first, smallest end of the egg. If double yolks are in there, this is where they’ll be!

Why don’t they sell double yolk eggs?

If you’ve ever worked in a factory, you know that double-yolked eggs waste labor and time. Since they can’t be sold as-is (double-yolkers often break when they’re packaged together since the shells stick together), workers have to spend extra time separating them.

Double Yolked Egg Superstitions

Double yolked eggs also come at a premium price so supermarkets and restaurants would rather sell only single yolkers than risk buying double yolked eggs and having to throw out some or all of them because customers won’t buy them once they find out what’s wrong with them.

Medical reasons of double yolk egg

Double yolk eggs are harmful to your health.

Even though double yolks are laid by some chickens, they don’t just happen. The egg’s second yolk is formed because the hen has released two eggs into its oviduct at nearly the same time rather than letting one egg go through to normal development first.

Double yolked eggs may be unhealthier for you than regular eggs since there is twice as much cholesterol and saturated fat per egg. 

This can lead to blocked arteries so it might be best to moderate your egg intake if you’ve had them before.

Is It Safe to Eat a Double Yolk Egg?

Double yolks don’t indicate that there are double the nutrients, just that the egg has been released from your body with twice the normal amount of yolk. 

Double Yolked Egg Superstitions

Also, because eggs have a natural coating called a “bloom” which keeps moisture in and germs out, double-yolked eggs may have a slightly stronger odor or be more watery than other regular eggs.

There is no direct harm in eating double yolk eggs, however, indirect effects like more cholesterol and fat can be detrimental in long run. That’s why it’s not found in supermarkets. 


Double yolked egg superstitions are the mix-up of double egg yolk in the same shell. Many myths say double egg yolks bring bad luck, but there is no scientific proof that double egg yolks are harmful to health or your future well-being.